vendredi 1 février 2008

Introduction to "La Révolte des Mannequins"

[This blog is all in French, but since there's not much text (it's mainly based on the photos), here's just a short summary to explain what's it all about.]

"La Révolte des Mannequins" ("Revolt of the Mannequins") is a new production by Royal de Luxe, and follows their famous "Sultan's Elephant" show that was performed in several cities worldwide from 2005 to 2007.

In the Revolt of the Mannequins, 13 shopfronts in the city center are transformed into theatre stages, where the mannequins perform a 10-day play. Every night, the Royal de Luxe team changes the positions of the mannequins, making the story jump to the next episode. 10 days, and 10 episodes per shopfront, lead up to the final Revolt.

Le cauchemar de la flaque (jour 2) Le cauchemar de la flaque - Jour 3
"Nightmare of the puddle, day 2 and 3"

The show takes place in Nantes from 1st - 10th February 2008. The purpose of this blog is to publish, day by day, photos of the 13 stages/stories.

Here are the titles for the 13 stories (in French, with translation in English) :
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[special thanks to Eleanor for correcting my English translation]

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